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Baby Maggie is home.  We are loving having our new addition.  The kids can't keep their hands off of her.  Josie gives a play by play of every grunt, wriggle and eye opening.  Kate is so aware of her needs and runs all over the house grabbing diapers, new outfits and ice water for her Momma.  The night we brought her home, Davey held her and said, "Look.  It's wonderful!  She can wiggle her toes!"  He said it over and over, not realizing the full impact of those words.

The hardest part is cathing her.  We do it three times a day.  It takes both Matt and I working together, and we have to keep everything sanitized.  Matt is much better at it than I am, but I'm getting there.  We added up how many catheters we will go through in a year between Maggie and Davey.  The number was close to 2,900!  Our spina bifida support group friends say it gets easier, but when?

The best part is smelling her sweet skin.  Now that her swelling has gone down and she's out of the hospital, she looks like a happy baby.  We delicately hold her as to not put pressure on her back and hate to let her go.

Within a few short days, she will be back in the hospital.  Gulp.  The patch is separating from her skin, and the plastic surgeon and neurosurgeon say surgery is necessary to close up the skin.  We will hopefully find out today when the surgery is scheduled. I'm grateful to have these few days of happy before we head back to the hospital.

My parents and brother have gone back to Texas.  They left early this morning.  I've lived away from home for fourteen years, but it never gets easier to say goodbye.  When they are here, my life is richer and more complete.  Plus, a ham sandwich always tastes better when your mom makes it.

These will be Maggie's first words. 

Her spiffy car seat.

Meeting Great Grandma Peterson.

 Helping Papa give Quincey a bath.

Tatum, Aunt Lesa and Uncle Ryan

 Celebrating Pioneer Day with fireworks.

McCall and Hattie.  Saying goodbye is so hard!


  1. Oh Millie, what a beautiful baby! My heart goes out to you for another surgery. We're thinking of you and happy that you have these sweet few days with her. Enjoy that baby smell! Love you guys.

  2. She is so sweet, Mills. And you are amazing.

  3. Maggie is beautiful but I would expect nothing less from the Killpack family. So wonderful to have the babe home and we send much love for the road ahead!

  4. I love Maggie's car seat! :) She is just precious. Hope the surgery happens soon so she can be home again with her family. Our prayers are with you!

  5. We wrap our arms around you once again as Maggie heads for surgery tomorrow. Why did we return to Tex, just isn't right!


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