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Come Stop Your Crying

Maggie is an interesting little lady.  Kate discovered that every time she sang this song, Maggie would get distressed.  Now it's our favorite family past time.

As far as spina bifida stuff, it's still thriving.  Maggie has been plagued with UTIs for months now.  We've tried all sorts of antibiotics and fancy cure yet.  Her vision prescription has gotten better, so we are ordering two pairs of glasses.  I don't fancy the selection for baby girls...too pink.  So she'll be a fashion star in tortoise shell and blue frames.  Yesterday, Maggie rolled over twice by herself.  A wonderful accomplishment for my little lump of a lady.  But it's tough not to get discouraged by the slow progress.
Davey has a surgery scheduled in January to realign his legs.  Right now his legs turn inward and he trips over them as he walks.  Hopefully the docs can fix this.  I know surgeries stink, but I consi…