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So Long, Dear Summer

I get blue this time of year.  The end of another memory-making summer.

So long, Musical:
Kate, Josie and Davey were all in a musical (if you can call it that) put on by Lehi City, "101 Dalmations".  The rehearsals kept the kids entertained and singing during long summer days.  Davey met new friends and improved his wheelchair dance moves.  The directors were so good to accommodate him.  Kate was a "boxer" dog.  She was embarrassed by her boxers and boxing gloves.  I thought they were adorable.  Josie didn't have a speaking part.  Instead of being bummed, she kept saying, "Thank heavens I don't have to worry about my lines!"  Davey had a speaking part, he just never said the line.  Here are the highlights:

Pa Rindy did their make-up.
Grandma Peterson with five of her great grandkid superstars.
So long, Family:
There is nothing better than seeing our siblings, parents and cousins who live afar.  We can never get enough of you.  Thanks for making the …