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Journal Entry...One Year Ago

One year ago we found out Maggie had spina bifida.  It's been a fantastic journey.  I love glancing over my shoulder and looking at my cute chunker in her swing.  I'm gushing with love!

Matt's not a big journal writer, but I'm glad he wrote on occasion last year.  This is one of his entrys.  I am putting it on our blog today because I've really learned and been strengthened by other families who have shared their experience.  Also, if by some chance a mother clicks on our blog and is trying to make the decision whether or not to abort her child with spina bifida, I hope she'll choose to let the baby grow and become a child of destiny.  Oh ya, and if you read this, please don't write comments about our family being awesome or anything like that.  That sounds conceited!  But your niceties make my face all red and mom always said I didn't look good in red  So, no comments except on the weather.

March 22, 2012
Millie and I went to the doctor today excited f…


Last year when I started to blog, I wrote a post ,"Should Have."   I feel the same way today.  I should be landing in Houston right now ready to begin our vacation.  For months, Kate, Maggie and I have looked forward to playing with family and visiting the doctors who performed Maggie's fetal surgery.  But just as I was zipping up the final piece of luggage last night, Kate started throwing up.  It continued every twenty minutes throughout the night.  Finally at 3 a.m., we accepted there was no way Kate could fly.  So I decided to go without her.  But the pit in my stomach told me I couldn't leave her.  This is our third time to cancel our Houston trip.  Before it was because of Maggie's hydocephalus.

So the whole family is disappointed.  Davey and Josie were ecstatic to be babysat by neighbors, watch movies with Dad and have a sleepover with Nana and Pa.  When I got Davey off the bus, he said, "Oh man, I want you to go now."

Why do these things happen?…