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November Happenings

The highlights for November:

NEW FRIENDS--A group of Utah moms who had the fetal surgery gathered for lunch.  We showed off scars, talked shunts and shared surgery stories over bowls of yummy soup.

I finally got to meet baby Cullen.  His mom, Amanda, also had the fetal surgery at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.  They live in Amarillo, Texas...just a few minutes from my home town.  It's amazing how we instantly share a bond.

VCMG--Davey and Maggie had a test done on their bladders. Maggie's bladder is healthy looking for the most part, but we will continue to cath once a day to make sure she is able to fully empty.  Davey's bladder isn't as sparkly.  We will cath him 4 times a day, and in a couple months he'll start on a medication.  It will allow his bladder to hold the urine instead of constantly leaking.  Super fun!
WEDDING--My little bro, Taylor got married this past week to Kim Brown in the Lubbock Temple.  They are giddy and happily married.…


For the first time since March, life is "normal".  Maggie is finally becoming the baby she was born to be.  Her wounds have healed.  We love tickling her toes, blowing zerberts on her stomach, and helping Davey give her piggy back rides.  She sleeps through the night and smiles when she wakes up.  Sometimes I am asked if Maggie has been "cured" because of the fetal surgery.  Nope, she still has spina bifida, but for now her scars are the only indicators of spina bifida.  And her cathing.  And her sunset eyes.  And her big head.  And...okay, the list goes on.  But life is still normal and having a little baby in the family is wonderful!

For the first time since April, I feel pain free.  The recovery from the fetal surgery and c-section took longer than I expected, but I no longer get shooting pains.  I remember laying on the couch during bed rest and reading my friends Facebook posts about running marathons.  Well, that's still not going to happen.  But at least…