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More News Stories

Channel 2 is doing a one year follow-up story to our fetal surgery. Matt and I aren't a fan of the coverage, but we believe the news stories had a large influence in our insurance covering the surgery.  So we are grateful for them, and we hope the new story shows the joy we have as a family.

I'm nervous about 4 things.  1st, coming across like our life is soooo hard because of two kids with spina bifida. We wouldn't have it any other way, and most days are fine and dandy. 2nd, sounding like fetal surgery is the best option for everyone. Obviously we don't believe this because we chose not to have the fetal surgery with Davey.   Sometimes things can come across different when hours of footage is condescend into a two minute story.  3rd, the perception that fetal surgery is a cure for spina bifida. It's not.  4th, I feel uncomfortable with all the comparisons between Maggie and Davey. They are who they are.

Well, let's see how it goes.  All I know is that I had a…

Baseball Projects Easter Canyon

Davey played in his first baseball game.  Out of all the dad's across the country attending their son's games, I think Matt's heart was bursting with the most joy.  A church group of teenage volunteers assisted the boys as they swung and "ran" to base.  His team, The Braves, is sponsored by Shriner's Hospital.  

I wanted to spruce up the office, so we made book shelves that wrap around the room  and put up wrapping paper.

We are doing some demo work in the master bathroom.  I look forward to sharing a bathroom with the  kids for the next six months :-\

I returned home to Canyon, Texas for the weekend.  I couldn't miss the big event. Over the years, my small hometown church has become a much larger one, and I wanted to be there for the dedication of the expanded building.  I attended this church every Sunday, and during my teenage years, I joined other teens at 6:00 a.m. every weekday to get our gospel fix before heading to the high school hallwa…

Alec Awesomeness Awareness Day

We love Alec.  He's a great cousin, nephew, and friend.  There are few people who love better than Alec.    He has autism.  A few weeks ago he gave a talk in Primary.  He held up the words in order to be understood.  Then he used sign language at the very end of it.  Jaisey, his mom, sent us this picture.

So today our family wore blue and made blue M&M cookies to celebrate Autism Awareness Day.  
Our Houston cousins showing their Alec Awesomeness Awareness all in blue.
Davey and Alec
Awesome Alec