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Christmas Memories

Fair Warning:  This post will not interest 99% of the people who click on it.  It's mainly for me to remember, and for the grandparents in Texas.  It has nothing to do with spina bifida.

Josie--Celebrated her 6th birthday!  Breakfast with Nana and Pa.  Elementary Christmas Sing.  Dinner at JCWs with the Rileys.  Thanksgiving Point lights.  Loved her Brave bow and arrow, red wig, make-up, 12 pack of Fresca, and fur vest.

Josie lost her first two teeth in one night.  Oh man!
Christmas Parties--Grandma Killpack's party, Grandma Peterson's party, Ward Party, Adult-only Rindy party.  We were so sad to miss our party with old neighborhood friends.  Darn sick kids.  

Rindlisbacher Party/Talent Show

Christmas Eve--The most magical night of the year!
The beautiful angel declaring tidings of great joy. And the beautiful narrator.   
The shepherd, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.
The Wisewoman sprawled in agony because she was not Mary or the angel.
Davey usurped the role of Baby Jesus.
Why?  WHY?

Fun with Toobie

Last night was our Spina Bifida Support Group Party at Boondocks.  Here's a few highlights:
Learned the Mele Kalikimaka spina bifida stepping or hip motions. Just hands.Saw old friends and new families.  There's an instant connection others.  You can dive right into the questions.  Why is she crossed-eyed?  Do you like doctor ____?  What's your insurance covering?  What size catheters do you buy?  We always come home feeling boosted by these great people.Volunteers.  This group is run by dedicated parent volunteers who give so much of their time and talents.  Coloplast...the group that sponsored the event.  They make catheters.  When was the last time you went to a party sponsored by catheters?  They even handed out free samples and showed the latest inventions...prelubricated and self-contained.  Fascinating!  Watch out for the wheelchairs...lots of kids doing wheelies as we maneuvered around the arcade area. Sharing with grandparents.  Matt's parents, Nana …