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Josie was reluctant to go to school today.  Friday was her "worstest day ever" of kindergarten.  According to her account, nobody would play with her at recess.  "I would ask different girls but they said they wanted to play with somebody else."  Then on the bus ride home, a girl kept pulling her pigtails, sang a mean song making fun of her and yanked her backpack.  I asked Josie how she reacted.  Her response, "I just sat in the corner."   When Matt heard the story he said, "Nobody puts Josie in a corner."  Just like Patrick Swayze.  I think it's easier to say goodbye to a daughter being wheeled into an operating room than watch her venture into the great unknown of kindergarten.

Speaking of surgery, we are still in limbo for Maggie's surgery...ETV-CVF.  We are scheduled for this Thursday, but I'll meet with the neurosurgeon on Wednesday and reevaluate whether or not we should proceed.  We don't know what to do!  This little Mags responds to prayers and can work miracles.  Our hope has been that she wouldn't need the surgery, but her ventricles are gradually getting larger.  Although she is not showing many of the clinical signs that are often present with kids who need the surgery.  For example, her fontanelle (soft spot) is still soft.  She isn't puking or lethargic.   The only consistent symptom is her sunsetting eyes.  It is occurring more frequently throughout the day.  She has a difficult time eating and is irritable, but that could be due to all sorts of normal baby stuff.  She's been on Prevacid for ten days now, but we aren't noticing any change in her reflux.  Have any of you had a reflux baby that didn't respond to Prevacid?  How long does it take?

Real estate...otherwise known as my therapy.  It's great to get back to work.  I feel unsure of other parts of my life, like not knowing if my child is having surgery this week.  But work allows me to forget about the worries of family life and focus on something that I have control over, well most of the time.  I'd much rather stage a home or walk through listings than mop the floor.  

BYU football.  Our home has not been the same since Saturday night.  The tears continue to flow freely from Matt, or at least the disappointment, regret and amazement.  He will be able to move on eventually, it will just take time.  Please let us win on Thursday!  I don't think his heart can take another loss.

Update:  Josie had a great day at school today.  Other than I wasn't home when she walked in the door.  I was running late.  Naughty, naughty mom!

My lovely assistant.  This girl knows her stuff.  The other day she asked me if one of my listings was going to appraise for the contract price.  She also has an expert sense of home upgrades and style.

 The ladies.

 Mags sporting her sunset eyes.  Try doing it.  Matt and I can't without going cross-eyed.

Cascade Falls up American Fork Canyon.  Stroller accessible and beautiful!  

Davey refuses to have "spikey" or "to the side" hair.  So opinionated.


  1. My 2nd kid did not respond to Prevacid at all. The doctor put him on something else that helped a little better. We mostly suffered through his projectile vomiting and crankiness until he grew out of it. Sorry...

    Send Matt my deepest consolences on the loss. Nate is paying his gambling debts in a Utah shirt at work today. So shameful.

    My kindergartener hates school too. Wish we could hook them up so they'd both have a friend. :(

    Hang in there!!

  2. It took Luke a long time to respond to prevacid...maybe 1 month at least. I hope it works for her! It made our life so much better:) Everyone is looking so cute! Love the non-spikey, sideways hair. And you look beautiful!! I am always telling people I know the BEST real-estate agent EVER!! Good luck with Thursday if the surgery ends up happening...or even better, hope those eyes stop sunsetting and she she doesn't need surgery!!

  3. Our prevacid baby was instantly better on her dose of medication. Not sure if that info helps you or not. Though it was super nice to have our Sara stop puking through her nose... :) Good luck to Kate at Kinder. Our Avery is super outgoing, so we tell her each day to find someone to be kind to. I hope someone will befriend our quiet Bethany when it is her turn for kindergarten, and I hope the same for Kate :)

  4. My kids have had horrible reflux and crankiness but don't respond to Prevacid because the reflux is caused by a milk protein allergy. If it still isn't helping, it is definitely worth it to try a milk elimination diet (if you are breastfeeding) or Nutramigen formula if she takes a bottle. It is a night and day difference for my kids. They are happy and sleep SOOO much better once I do it. I have a lot of great substitutions that make it is easy to do. Message me on facebook if you want more info. I hope all goes well for little Maggie and that they will find the best solution to help her out. Hang in there Millie! You are an amazing woman!

  5. A few things... :) I've had 2 reflux babies and nothing worked but enfamil formula kind of helped Boston. I just told Maycee about poor Josie's bus experience and I'm npw determined to make buddies out of the two of them. What a cruel world! When we get back down there we'll need to get them together! You look great and tell Matt Go Cougars!!!

  6. oh! i'm so sorry josie had the worstest day ever! kids can be so mean! sending your sweet kids off into the cruel world of elementary school is so hard!
    i hope everything goes well with josies surgery... or she doesn't have it. either way it'll work out for the best.

  7. Hey! How do you think, have your writting skills gone any better lately?


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