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Birthday & Anniversary

Happy Birthday Mom!  Thanks for being my example and rock.  So glad you were born and that you are my momma.  I long to live closer and celebrate this happy day with you!

Happy Anniversary to Maggie and me.  Six months ago today we had our fetal surgery.  I remember saying before surgery, "I just wish it was six months from now."  My hope then was that everything would be 'normal' six months later.  Well that day is here, and I'm so glad to be at  home listening to Maggie sigh and grunt as she swings, rather than laying in a hospital in Houston hoping for a miracle.  Thank you my dear family, friends, reporters, doctors, nurses and strangers who showed amazing care and support.  It seems so long ago.  Good thing we had a great news crew who documented way too much, so I'll never be able to forget :)  This line makes me cringe, "It's something every parent does for their kid, no matter what the kid."  What???  I was heavily drugged.  No memory o…

On Again, Off Again

No surgery today.  Same old story.  I cancelled Maggie's appt. with the neurosurgeon yesterday.  Instead, we visited on the phone and decided postponing the surgery would be a good thing.  Nothing has changed with Maggie's head size, eyes, and other clinical signs of hydrocephalus.  Next week we will get a head ultrasound and take it from there.  I hope we are making the right decision, but it's sure nice not to be in the hospital this weekend.  Matt is sick, and I can feel it creeping in on me.

A friend sent me this video.  I concur with it all, except for the sign that says, "Praying to the same God/Savior who put you in this position is kind of futile, no?"  False.  Praying to my Heavenly Father is the most important and meaningful part of my life. I don't know how anybody can make it through their day without the eternal perspective and peace that prayer provides.  Anyway, enjoy the video.  Love you all!

At The Moment

Josie was reluctant to go to school today.  Friday was her "worstest day ever" of kindergarten.  According to her account, nobody would play with her at recess.  "I would ask different girls but they said they wanted to play with somebody else."  Then on the bus ride home, a girl kept pulling her pigtails, sang a mean song making fun of her and yanked her backpack.  I asked Josie how she reacted.  Her response, "I just sat in the corner."   When Matt heard the story he said, "Nobody puts Josie in a corner."  Just like Patrick Swayze.  I think it's easier to say goodbye to a daughter being wheeled into an operating room than watch her venture into the great unknown of kindergarten.

Speaking of surgery, we are still in limbo for Maggie's surgery...ETV-CVF.  We are scheduled for this Thursday, but I'll meet with the neurosurgeon on Wednesday and reevaluate whether or not we should proceed.  We don't know what to do!  This little Ma…


We went to Shriners yesterday for Davey's new set of and orange this time.  While there, we registered Maggie as a new patient at Shriners.  It felt surreal putting a patient sticker on her too.  I've been apprehensive about this appt. for a couple weeks wondering if Maggie would need orthopedic care.  The doctor checked her out, head to toe, and everything looks perfect.  AMAZING!  While Davey was getting his new casts on, there was a newborn baby right next to us getting her first set of casts.  I remembered how hard it was four years ago to hold my new baby with casts.  I wanted to tell that sweet mom, "It gets easier."  But honestly, that's not true.  So instead I said, "Doesn't it just stink to have your baby in casts.  Good thing she is so cute."  Then I gave her tips on how to keep pee from stinking up the casts.

On the way home, Davey and I heard, "Just The Way You Are" on the radio.  He learns all sorts of songs durin…