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I just saw a Subaru commercial.  Reminds me, I should write about the Urabus (Subaru backwards).  It's pronounced, "Your-a-bus", and that's what Matt and I call Subarus.  Before I dive into this topic, I should just say that Matt and I drive boring, cheap, frumpy cars.  Nothing cool about our Caravan and Mitsubishi.  I've never had a sweet car.  Even in high school I drove my parents purple minivan.  So yes, I wonder what it would be like to drive a hip car.  But that's not going to happen.  Have you ever seen the vans made for wheelchairs...not hip.

When Davey was born, Matt and I became frequent drivers of Foothill Drive, otherwise known as Subaru Drive.  This stretch of road is the path to the University of Utah, Red Butte Gardens, Hogle Zoo, Stein Mart, and Primary Children's Hospital.  We are always amused by the number of Subarus on this road.  It's rare to see a white Honda Odyssey (Utah's state car).  Instead, dozens of Subarus converge on…

Cross-eyed Cuteness

Written by Matt.

We've had lots of appointments this week.

Thursday:  Millie and Maggie went to the Primary Children's in Riverton for an ultrasound on the kidneys and brain for Maggie.  Everything looked good. 
Friday:  Maggie's first follow up since her shunt surgery.  To us, she seems to be doing quite well except for her eyes crossing.  But as soon as the neurosurgeons saw Maggie, they said she needed to get an MRI.  He felt that it was urgent enough to do the scan that same day, but Millie was too sick to stay at the hospital and was lucky to drive home without crashing.  If you’ve never heard Millie crow up,  you’re missing out (it’s a mix between coughing and throwing up).  And we did an ultrasound on Davey's kidneys that day.  
Saturday:  The MRI.  Millie was still too sick to go to the hospital, so just Maggie and I went.  Maggie was charming as usual even on the required empty stomach and made instant friends with all the nurses and technicians.  I stayed wi…