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Today was not my typical bed rest morning.  I had a crew show up at 8 a.m. to do my hair and nails.  I feel refreshed with my new color, cut and nails.  Thanks Becky and the MATC for making it happen.  You girls did a great job!  Oh ya, and Becky organized my pantry too!  I could get used to house arrest if every day were like this.

 Melissa (weave), Kara (weave & cut), me, VaLynn (nails)

One Month Post-Op

A month has passed since my surgery. What an experience!  I don't think I'd change a thing.  Lie...I'd change a few things like the hospital food, gowns, low toilet, brown bath water, and IVs.  The list could be longer, but why dwell on it now?

So grateful Maggie is doing well.  Matt's birthday is today.  I was able to venture out to Target yesterday and pick him up a few gifts.  Don't worry, Mom, I stayed in my wheel chair.  When he came home from work yesterday, Josie and Davey listed off all of his presents.  But he was still elated to open each one this morning, especially the slip n' slide.  Oh well, he's never been high maintenance.

The following are pics from my surgery and hospital stay.  I am incredibly grossed out by the majority of the shots taken while I was under the knife, so I will spare you and keep out the too graphic ones.

 Cards and pictures from primary children, cousins, and friends.
The news crew.
The operating room during surgery.
Dr. Moi…

How Are You Doing?

The most common question I get asked, "How are you doing?"  I haven't figured out an adequate response to that question.

Bored of being in my house everyday, all day.  The less I do, the more tired I become.  It's 8:00 p.m., and I'm ready to go to bed with the kids.  I have no energy!  After I shower and get ready for the day, I feel like I need a nap.  Being stuck inside with limited mobility makes me want to run a marathon.
Longing to hold the kids.  Wishing I could take them to the park or have a water balloon fight with them. Wanting to run up the stairs and scold them when I hear them fighting.  Instead, I ignore it. Excellent parenting!
Grateful for babysitters who take care of me and the kids.  Every night the kids ask what the game plan is for the next day.  They want to know who will be entertaining, feeding and playing with them.  Being bounced around from sitter to sitter is a fun adventure for them.  
Still in pain, but it is a lot less.  I'm off…

Stares and Stairs

Since the fetal surgery, I've had a small dose of what it's like to ride in a wheel chair in public. Oh the stares! It makes me chuckle. I wonder how Davey feels about all of his stares. How does he process it? Occasionally, a kid will ask Davey, "What's wrong with you?" His reply is simple, "My legs don't work. I have spina bifida". So proud of him.

Then there are the stairs. Bed rest prohibits trips up and down, so I'm stuck. I long for my body to be able to climb them. I feel left out when the rest of the family is upstairs while I'm stuck on the ground level. I remember when Davey felt the same way. While most kids his age were running around, he was working with physical therapists and his sisters to crawl up just one step, then one more. Now he effortlessly crawls up and then slides down them in an instant. He got used to the stairs.

Here's an update on the family, Abbie and Anthony, who were hoping to do a fetal surge…

Good News

Cheers to Dan Rascon and KUTV news.  They did a great job with the story Thursday night.  I saw way too much uterus and shut my eyes for most of the surgery parts.  Matt skyped me during the report and help up the iPad, so I could watch.  After seeing it, I was wide awake.  I laid in bed thinking thinking, "Did that really happen?  Was that me?  Don't move Maggie or you'll pop the stitches open!"  I still don't understand how our story is "news worthy".  But I have to think it is part of a bigger plan, and I hope it helps other families.  If you have a minute, leave a positive comment on the stations website at the bottom of the story.  They were a huge part in making the surgery happen in the first place, and we are grateful for them.

Right now I'm in Houston watching my nieces and nephews jump off the diving board.  Life has changed so much in the past month.  All this "news" is s…

What a Difference a Week Makes

It's been a week since the fetal surgery. I don't remember much about coming out of anesthesia, but Matt recounted it to me later. He said that I mumbled a word over and over. One of the doctors deciphered what I was saying, "Maggie." I do remember Matt telling me that Maggie did great, and the surgery went perfectly. That's all I needed to hear. My fear of Maggie not making it through the surgery was over. Then I drifted off again.

Matt did a great job with all the blog posts. I finally read them and was touched by his perspective and loving words. Every trial has silver linings, and Matt's tenderness makes me love him even more. Although, he did post way too many pictures of my double chin and greasy hair! I miss him now that he's at home, but my stitches are grateful he's gone. Nobody makes me laugh like he does, which then makes me cry and want to pass out from the pain. Today when he called, he asked if he should put mousse in Jos…