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School Bus Hero

For the past two years, Davey rode a special needs bus to preschool.  The bus picked him up right in front of our house, had a ramp for his wheelchair, and an aid to help make transportation a breeze.  This year Davey wanted to ride the bus with his friends and sisters.  It's not been easy, but he loves it.  Here's an excerpt from an email that my dad wrote to our extended family about Davey's first bus ride to school. My dad has the ability to say how I feel better than I do.
I just got off the phone with Millie.  Our last few phone conversations have been focused on a mother's concerns as her child goes to school - really goes to school.  This morning's send off to kindergarten was an event she found quite difficult. Had she done all she could do for Davey?  How would he manage? Would he feel different?  What would the stairs/stares be like?  Would he feel lonely?  Lots of mixed feelings.  ` Davey waited outside on the front steps for twenty minutes before Millie …