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What a Difference a Week Makes

It's been a week since the fetal surgery. I don't remember much about coming out of anesthesia, but Matt recounted it to me later. He said that I mumbled a word over and over. One of the doctors deciphered what I was saying, "Maggie." I do remember Matt telling me that Maggie did great, and the surgery went perfectly. That's all I needed to hear. My fear of Maggie not making it through the surgery was over. Then I drifted off again.

Matt did a great job with all the blog posts. I finally read them and was touched by his perspective and loving words. Every trial has silver linings, and Matt's tenderness makes me love him even more. Although, he did post way too many pictures of my double chin and greasy hair! I miss him now that he's at home, but my stitches are grateful he's gone. Nobody makes me laugh like he does, which then makes me cry and want to pass out from the pain. Today when he called, he asked if he should put mousse in Josie's hair before or after he curls it. Laugh, cry, die from pain. Such a good dad.

Bed rest is terrible! Glad to be at my sister-in-law's house. She takes such good care of me and let's me sleep and rest all day. As much as I miss my family, it's a good thing that I'm here. I would try to do too much if I were home. My nieces and nephews are so fun to be around. The four year old loves to check on me during the day and be my nurse.

The pain is constant still, but it lessens with medication. Maggie is doing all sorts of karate moves against the fresh wounds. I just pray that my womb will stay in one piece and my amniotic fluid won't leak! Too graphic, sorry. As bad as bed rest is, the alternative is the thank you. I look forward to my appointment on Friday to make sure everything is okay.

I must make a voyage to the kitchen for my scheduled drug dosage. It's a treat to get out of bed and take my meds. I'll soon be drifting away. Pregnancy plus medication makes for bizarre dreams!



  1. hi millie!

    still thinking of you and baby maggie...hoping and praying all continues to go well for you both. :)

  2. Oh, so happy to hear this!!! Rest. Get well. And hopefully, we'll see you soon!

    Love you much!

  3. You're back!! I have loved every single last one of Bishop's updates. He did an amazing job keeping all of us here at home informed. So sorry you are still having so much pain. Kicks and jabs from the inside can be painful enough as it is, but to have them kicking and jabbing surgery wounds?! No thank you. Praying that you will pass Friday's appointment with flying colors and can come back home ASAP. We miss you.


  4. Millie you are so amazing! Hang in there- we are all praying for your sweet family.

  5. Oh Millie, I just love your posts. Such a funny girl you optimistic too. Glad you get to be out of that hospital and things keep moving forward brilliantly for you! Yah yah yah! Keep up the good work, praying you will be able to come home soon and be with your cute family sooner then later. Loves!

  6. It's nice to hear your voice again! You are just as funny as the your husband--I love reading your posts. Keep getting better and hope to see you soon.

  7. I love you Millie! We are praying for you both...

  8. Hang in there! I have loved reading your posts....and seeing your chin and hair!!

  9. You look beautiful in all the pictures posted! It's so good to hear all went well with the surgery for you and Maggie. We'll continue to pray for you both and your recovery!

  10. Millie- So glad to hear that you are recovering well. We pray for you daily. It is our daily routine to check your posts and Syd makes sure I have and fills in anything I missed.
    Hugs your way!
    Camille and family

  11. Great to see you back online Millie! We're still anxious for news and continue to pray for you. Your positive attitude is inspiring, as always. Enjoy that Houston humidity for us! Wish we could come for a visit.

  12. It is great to have you back online! You and Maggie have been a part of our seminary class discussions as we talk about miracles from the Old
    Testament and I ask the youth about miracles from today. God's hand is evidenced by the advances of modern medicine able to perform this miraculous surgery. Who can deny the existence of God? The miracles are all around us, if we care to see! Have wanted to come bring you and Wendy lunch but Mama Chiddy has an upper respiratory infection that I won't risk sharing! Glad to read you are following the doctors orders! An apple a day couldn't hurt either! Sending our love and prayers, The Chidesters

  13. You're so awesome for continuing to blog...I'm afraid it is more for us than you at this point since we are so eager to hear how you and Maggie are doing. I wish we could do more to lighten your load. You are such a trooper. It keeps running through my mind how you said, "I'm not any more amazing just because I'm having to go through this, I'm still just Millie!" Oh girl, if you only knew...the power, strength and example that you are to all of us! The fact that you are contagious makes you even all the more amazing! Thank you, Millie! Love & Prayers~Sarah Warcup

  14. Dear, at least your greasy hairs aren't growing OUT of your chin. I love reading your blogs. Hope it's been a great day and u r getting the rest u need. Thanks to dear W.

  15. Millie-Love you. You write like you talk, which makes me smile. Glad to hear all is going well with you and baby Maggie and good job with the updates.


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