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Good News

Cheers to Dan Rascon and KUTV news.  They did a great job with the story Thursday night.  I saw way too much uterus and shut my eyes for most of the surgery parts.  Matt skyped me during the report and help up the iPad, so I could watch.  After seeing it, I was wide awake.  I laid in bed thinking thinking, "Did that really happen?  Was that me?  Don't move Maggie or you'll pop the stitches open!"  I still don't understand how our story is "news worthy".  But I have to think it is part of a bigger plan, and I hope it helps other families.  If you have a minute, leave a positive comment on the stations website at the bottom of the story.  They were a huge part in making the surgery happen in the first place, and we are grateful for them.

Right now I'm in Houston watching my nieces and nephews jump off the diving board.  Life has changed so much in the past month.  All this "news" is surreal.  The news of another child with spina bifida.  The prayers.  The answers and outpouring of love from Heavenly Father.  The fight with insurance.  The camera crews.  The Del Taco fundraiser.  The uniting of friends, neighbors, family and strangers.  The doctors and nurses who are now friends and care takers.  The flights.  The surgery.  The recovery.  The longing for home.  Will life ever be normal again?

Good news from the docs today.  Baby Maggie looks great.  The amniotic fluid levels are higher than they've been my whole pregnancy.  The ventricles in the brain look good, and the stitches are doing their job.  By the way, the fetal team at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital is fantastic!  I loved seeing them again.  Since I'm not flying home until Wednesday, I'll go back for another check-up on Tuesday.

I met an amazing couple today at the hospital.  They live near Chicago and flew to Houston to have the surgery done on their unborn girl.  Just as they were getting to the Chicago airport, they received the all too familiar "denial" from insurance.  But they pressed forward and flew to Houston anyway.  They only have a week left before the 26 week deadline.  Please pray for Abbie and Anthony.

Thanks to all of you back home who are taking care of my little ones and big man.  The babysitting and meals are wonderful.  Thank you.  Thank you!

Dr. Moise, Genevieve, Dr. Tsao & me during todays check-up

 Abbie, Anthony, me
Abbie, Dr. Moise, me
The Great Rindlisbacher Swimmers!


  1. The news story was amazing. You guys are incredible for going through all of that. I am counting down the days to Wednesday when we can see you again! And I am praying for Abbie and Anthony. I am sure your story gave them great hope!

  2. Millie I'm so glad you and baby Maggie are doing so well, and that you get to go home on Wednesday. We will continue to pray for you, baby Maggie and your family.

  3. Millie - you are just so darn cute! I'm so happy and grateful that everything is going so well for both you and Maggie. Thanks for the uplifting post!

  4. The blogs are a delight to read. Bet you will miss that warm humid air when you leave Houston, but there are many warm hugs waiting for you. So good to see pics of some of the fetal team. They remaining our heart. Have a super Saturday. No household projects to work on today. XO

  5. Your blogs are so fun to read. And we love the pics. Good to see pics of come of the fetal team. They remain in our hearts. We will pray for Abby and Anthony. Enjoy this day. I bet you will miss the warm humid days when you leave Houston, but many warm hugs await you at home.

  6. Your response to your own televised surgery story was the same that Grandma Peterson had. She was awake most of the night, full of thoughts about what her granddaughter had gone through, images that are amazing and graphic. I only cry as I see and read the highlights of this ongoing miracle. I love your courage and the courage of Matt and Maggie.

  7. So excited to have you home soon. Jay and I are going to snuggle in for a cozy viewing of your uterine surgery!


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