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One Month Post-Op

A month has passed since my surgery. What an experience!  I don't think I'd change a thing.  Lie...I'd change a few things like the hospital food, gowns, low toilet, brown bath water, and IVs.  The list could be longer, but why dwell on it now?

So grateful Maggie is doing well.  Matt's birthday is today.  I was able to venture out to Target yesterday and pick him up a few gifts.  Don't worry, Mom, I stayed in my wheel chair.  When he came home from work yesterday, Josie and Davey listed off all of his presents.  But he was still elated to open each one this morning, especially the slip n' slide.  Oh well, he's never been high maintenance.

The following are pics from my surgery and hospital stay.  I am incredibly grossed out by the majority of the shots taken while I was under the knife, so I will spare you and keep out the too graphic ones.

  Cards and pictures from primary children, cousins, and friends.

The news crew.

 The operating room during surgery.

Dr. Moise

Matt is disappointed that I'm not showing the "cool shots" of the baby's spine coming out of my uterus.

 What a team!

We were matching!


  1. Love you Millie, glad you were able to get out! Happy Birthday to Matt- You are guys are awesome we want to get over and see you, you are quite the celebrity! The girls say hi and we think and pray for you all daily!
    Love you tons, The Brown Family

  2. I'm so glad you and Maggie are doing great, and you're surviving bedrest! I love reading your posts and keeping up on how you're doing. Thanks for taking us along on your journey.

  3. You're amazing Millie! I know there's lot of proof out there that shows why you're so awesome, but here's some more...It was my first Sunday in the Loch Lomond ward (and 1st Sunday in a non-singles ward as Nick and I were newly-weds), and I was nervous. But, you and Erica found me in RS, introduced yourselves and had me sit by you both. You guys even let me hold your kids. I will never forget that kindness! Thanks for being you!

  4. The hospital room was wall papered in love. The love notes were such a colorful expression of faith and well wishes. Each day they brought needed strength and hope. Even the med staff were impressed. You sure look good surrounded by those handsome men in blue!

  5. Millie,

    You are one amazing lady. Thank you for sharing your journey through this precious time in all of your lives. It is so good to see Josie "so grown up" and hear how well you and Maggie are doing. Although, please, don't try the slip'n slide.


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