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Surgery Part Deux

Maggie's back is not healing well.  On Sunday we noticed that it was separating in the middle where the skin is stretched the most.  Each day, the middle opens more and more. On Tuesday morning, we took Maggie to Primarys to have the plastic surgeon look at it.  He was concerned, but still had hope that it would heal itself.  Later that day, it looked even worse!  Then stitches started coming detached and yellow pussiness oozed out!  So today we ran up to Primarys again and the plastic surgeon said it is infected.  We're hoping that the high dose of antibiotics will clear up the infection by Monday.  That's when we will have another surgery to close up the opening.  We hope this will work and her back will finally heal.  But we are skeptical.  How will restitching it make it stay closed when it didn't work the first time?  The doc reassures us that it is just the top layer that they'll have to redo, and since it won't be infected, it will heal properly.  Still skeptical.   

Our little trooper also has a UTI...Urinary Tract Infection.  On Tuesday when we were cathing her, we noticed it was very cloudy.  We hope the antibiotics will clear this up too.  But why did it happen in the first place?  We are so careful to make everything sterile during her 3 times a day cathing.  

Between her back and UTI, she is in pain!  We try to make her more comfortable with regular doses of Tylenol.  Maggie handles it all very well.  We keep reminding ourselves that everything will be fine.  We've asked a couple of questions to a Facebook group for spina bifida parents who went through the in utero surgery.  We gets replies of horror stories from other moms, so we try to stay calm.  We remember that Maggie has a Father in Heaven who is aware of her little body and spirit.  He will perfectly take care of her, even when we and the doctors cannot.    

Good news:  Maggie has gained a pound since birth, and looks adorable in her clothes (she's more than just a scar :)

Here's a progression of her wound.  If you have a queezy stomach, don't look!







  1. She IS adorable just as herself :) I like her light fuzzy hair, and it seems like her fingers are so long and pretty. Good luck with all :)

  2. Oh, she's adorable!! Keep hangin' in there!

    Angee :)

  3. I wish I could squeeze her into my you do too., I'm sure! This angel continues to keep us prayerful, dependent, and merciful. Thank you Maggie for keeping us focused and humble. You are an inspiration.


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