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Baseball Projects Easter Canyon

Davey played in his first baseball game.  Out of all the dad's across the country attending their son's games, I think Matt's heart was bursting with the most joy.  A church group of teenage volunteers assisted the boys as they swung and "ran" to base.  His team, The Braves, is sponsored by Shriner's Hospital.  

I wanted to spruce up the office, so we made book shelves that wrap around the room 
and put up wrapping paper.

We are doing some demo work in the master bathroom.  I look forward to sharing a bathroom with the 
kids for the next six months :-\


I returned home to Canyon, Texas for the weekend.  I couldn't miss the big event. Over the years, msmall hometown church has become a much larger one, and I wanted to be there for the dedication of the expanded building.  I attended this church every Sunday, and during my teenage years, I joined other teens at 6:00 a.m. every weekday to get our gospel fix before heading to the high school hallways.  Behind the sacred chapel doors, my spiritual foundation was strengthened.  When my parents moved to the Texas Plains forty years ago, the small congregation met in a recreational dance hall which was transformed each Sunday morning to a place of learning and testimony after parents swept out cigarette butts and removed beer cans.  Now the congregation numbers over 350, and the church building stands immovable atop Hunsley Hill. My heart swells to see its growth. 
Not only was the building rededicated, but so was I.  

We reread many of the cards you sent last year at this time.  They were so beautiful, 
I  hung them up for the weekend!  Although the events of last year are fading, 
we will never forget your incredible acts of kindness.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I am uplifted and inspired everytime I read your blog!

  2. That is so awesome! I love the story about the new church. There are some interesting churches across America.... my sis-in-law's building in Chicago has a "reverence room" just off the stand. It has a window so you can still see the speaker while you calm an unruly child. The nursing lounge is on the other side of the stand, also with a one-way window.

    P.S. The wrapping paper made me laugh. I love that story about you decorating your first dorm room with wrapping paper.

    1. Em, sweet church! I've always wondered why all lds buildings don't have cry rooms. And yes, I've always been a fan of wrapping paper on the walls.

  3. Way to go Davey on his first game. So great. What a great kid!
    No idea how you guys find time to remodel!!! (We are actually STILL partially sharing a bathroom with our kids - over 2 years later - I need some of your drive!).
    As always, you guys are an inspiration.

    1. You guys have remodeled almost your whole house!

  4. My heart is over-flowing with happiness with this post!

  5. I am so happy for Davey! He looks SO good playing baseball.

  6. I can't help but smile from my toes to the tip of my head to see the kids nestled on the bench. They are all stars! Thanks for coming "home".

    1. Mom, it's because I logged into my gmail account at your house. Love ya!

  7. sorry Millie, I don't know how that comment came from you???

  8. I'm 27 years old, and I have Spina Bifida, this took me back. Up until I was about 12 years old I for the most part lived a "normal" life (whatever that means) my Little League team was the BRAVES and just two weeks before my third Release of the tethered cord surgery I played on the All-Star team. On July 30th 1998 I had a surgery that changed my life when I woke up I could hardly feel or move my legs. I couldn't begin to imagine how things would've been with out my amazing family, judging by the pics above Davey seems to be in good hands.

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