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Last year when I started to blog, I wrote a post ,"Should Have."   I feel the same way today.  I should be landing in Houston right now ready to begin our vacation.  For months, Kate, Maggie and I have looked forward to playing with family and visiting the doctors who performed Maggie's fetal surgery.  But just as I was zipping up the final piece of luggage last night, Kate started throwing up.  It continued every twenty minutes throughout the night.  Finally at 3 a.m., we accepted there was no way Kate could fly.  So I decided to go without her.  But the pit in my stomach told me I couldn't leave her.  This is our third time to cancel our Houston trip.  Before it was because of Maggie's hydocephalus.

So the whole family is disappointed.  Davey and Josie were ecstatic to be babysat by neighbors, watch movies with Dad and have a sleepover with Nana and Pa.  When I got Davey off the bus, he said, "Oh man, I want you to go now."

Why do these things happen?  There's certainly much worse in life.  But being bummed is being bummed.  Whether it's because you were outbid on a real estate offer, you got a bad haircut, your vacation gets cancelled, or your child needs brain surgery.  It's all a bunch of blaah mixed with really?!

Confucius Kate said it best this morning.  "Dad, sometimes Heavenly Father has a plan we just don't understand."  Then she concluded, "This is the worst day of my life."  Honestly, I think this is the most disappointed Kate has felt.  It outshines her 6th birthday when she got a brand new tea set.  Hours later Josie shattered it on the back patio.

No playing in the spring weather for us, just lots of movie watching.


  1. NOOOOO!!!!!! This just breaks my heart. You have got to be kidding me?! We talked with Kate just last night about how excited she was to go. Ugh. Life just stinks sometimes. I love Kate's perspective. She is an old soul that one! Sending lots of hugs and well wishes all your way.

  2. :( Im bummed out for you guys! Its always frustrating when you try to plan something fun and it doesnt work out. My husband and I keep trying to get away for a weekend. The first time he lost his job the 2nd time I got meningitis. Im scared to plan anything now. I think we just need to be more spontanious, but thats hard with 4 kiddos. Hugs!!!

  3. I love Maggie looking at you in this picture!

  4. Hope you guys get feeling better. No fun at all.

  5. Oh man. That really stinks. Kate amazes me everytime I am around her and everytime you talk about her. Such an old soul in such a young body. I am truly grateful that her and Abbi are friends. Hoping some of that wisdom will rub off on my girl. :) Hope your family finds health!

  6. Oh, sad! I know how excited you all were for this trip. Love her! What 8-year-old says that?! She's amazing!

    And that picture of Maggie--too cute!

  7. I'm so sorry about your trip. Poor Kate. I hope she feels better soon! She is one amazing kid--I can't believe her perspective on life. It shows what great parents she has, too.

  8. SO SAD! That Kate is one smart little girl! She has a better attitude than I would/do. LIfe has sooooo many curve balls. But as always you lift my spirit by your amazing example. I really hope that the next time you vacation will go smoothly for you!
    So Sorry...


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