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Birthday & Anniversary

Happy Birthday Mom!  Thanks for being my example and rock.  So glad you were born and that you are my momma.  I long to live closer and celebrate this happy day with you!

Happy Anniversary to Maggie and me.  Six months ago today we had our fetal surgery.  I remember saying before surgery, "I just wish it was six months from now."  My hope then was that everything would be 'normal' six months later.  Well that day is here, and I'm so glad to be at  home listening to Maggie sigh and grunt as she swings, rather than laying in a hospital in Houston hoping for a miracle.  Thank you my dear family, friends, reporters, doctors, nurses and strangers who showed amazing care and support.  It seems so long ago.  Good thing we had a great news crew who documented way too much, so I'll never be able to forget :)  This line makes me cringe, "It's something every parent does for their kid, no matter what the kid."  What???  I was heavily drugged.  No memory of that interview.

Here's a  letter my mom wrote to a few of my girlfriends who gathered together before we left for Houston.  Her words demonstrate just how blessed I am to have her as my mom.  This is the picture that accompanied the letter.

March 28, 2012

My Dear Young Friends,

Thank you for being here tonight.  I wish I was there with you to share in your calendaring, concern and...yes, I'll bet there are chocolate chip cookies.

My life changed dramatically when my fourth child was born.  I loved her before I ever saw her.  Millie brought more than just music into our home.  She juggled life with 3 older siblings, held claim on only a small portion of bedroom real estate, and talked in a  gravelly voice.  However, she seemed to find her greatest satisfaction and focus in playing "house" with her doll, Candy.  Millie spent many hours acting out the role of "mama."  Her dad did a painting of Millie when she was about 3 years old.  Millie's eyes are bright and beautiful as she tenderly cradles Candy in her arms.  Candy's bald baby-shaped head evidences as 'owie' which is covered with a band aid.  Around Millie's neck hangs a plastic stethoscope ready to monitor her baby's health.  Who would have ever guessed that this painting would mirror Millie's life and her mothering some 26 years later? 

Needless to say, Millie's world will change dramatically when her fourth child is born.  A week ago, reclined uncomfortably on an examination table, with her belly, jellied up with sonogram goo, Millie waited to hear only the sound of life: a rapid, small heartbeat.  But the awkward quietness of the nurse and then the sympathetic tone of the doctor brought unexpected news.  It was and is so hard to hear the words, 'spina bifida'...but once again, we reached down deep inside us and submit our will to Him whose plan we are following.  Today we are so thankful that the little girl in Millie's tummy is alive, growing, and that the racing beat of her heart is the sound of love itself.  We focus on the delight and joy that Davey has brought into our family and feel nothing but gratitude for this precious boy.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the care and concern you have already given to Millie and Matt.  My few days in Lehi last week were brightened by splashes of fresh flowers, yummy treats, and caring expressions in your faces.  You are trusted friends, Relief Society sisters.  Your sisterhood has meaning but your actions reflect heavenly purpose.  You will put aside your own needs and unselfishly give of your time, energy and means to meet the call of charity.  I thank you!  I will pray for you daily.  You have built a foundation of friendship and faith that will sustain Millie, Matt, and our entire family.  Part of motherhood is the responsibility to keep our children safe, nurture their spirits, feed their tummies and answer their many questions.  Thank you for helping Millie fulfill that sacred, divine charge.  In many ways, service is easier to extend than it is to receive. If it wasn't an absolute necessity, Millie and Matt would choose not to be recipients.  But you know this...because you know them.

As you reach with your hands of service, you will touch the hearts for the Killpack and Rindlisbacher families.  Every time Millie sees you, every time she hears your voice, your imprint on her heart will bring back the love that you extend.  I give thanks to Heavenly Father for you.  Thank you for walking this path with us.  Thank you for pulling our handcart.  Thank you.  Thank you!


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