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Yellowstone, Skating, Aqua Shoes & Pony Rides

We celebrated the 4th of July in Yellowstone.  The paved paths make it a great destination for wheelchairs.  The only time we left the paved area was to swim in the Firehole River.  I carried Davey down the short but steep path and biffed it, lesson learned.  We stayed at the Old Faithful Inn which provided scenic views of the geyser from our bedroom and also our favorite past time...searching for the ghosts that haunt the hotel such as the Headless Bride.  The scariest sight was Maggie's face after she was bitten by a few blood thirsty mosquitoes.  It swelled up and required a trip to the clinic for medication.  Our trip was a slow paced, beautiful vacation.

Next up was Davey's seventh birthday.  He invited a few friends to join him at Classic Skate for a night of grooving at the rink.  While the other kids got tired, injured, thirsty, or bored, Davey could "skate" all night.  He is lucky to have such good friends!  I can't believe it's been seven years since he entered this world and changed it for the better.

I have a history of unwrapping some of the most sentimental gifts from Matt.  On occasion, I am brought to tears by his love shown through his gift giving.  Last Sunday, I was brought to tears again when I opened my birthday presents.  When I unwrapped the first box, I beheld a pair of orthopedic Sketchers.  My subdued giggles turned to uncontrollable laughter which escalated to tears.  It was bad.  The next present was really comfy pants that I'm sure are fitting for all 35 year olds.  Again, the laughing tears flowed.  His next attempt to spruce me up was a tube of my favorite lipstick, except it was three shades lighter than my skin tone.  I was looking pretty fancy with my old lady shoes, sweatpants and ghost lipstick.  I haven't laughed/wept that hard in ages!  Thank you Matt for letting me mock your gifts and giving me the greatest gift...laughter.  Thank goodness you always hang on to the receipts.  To be fair, he also gave me some presents that were perfect, but ten years from now I won't remember them like the aqua shoes that will forever be engraved in my memory.

On Maggie's birthday, she was a bit of a whiny bum, so I decided to look through her baby pics to remind myself of my love for her.  I watched this news story about her birth.

It's okay.  Some of the words used like "disease" make me cringe.  But Maggie is and was perfect, and I adore the footage of her.  Watching the story reminds me of a phrase Matt and I often say when we talk about years gone by, "We were so young back then."  We had no idea what life would hold for our sweet Mags.  The wounds, surgeries, disappointments, infections, and daily struggles that would be hers and ours.  Even with sensation in her legs and feet, everything about our Maggie's development is delayed, except her heart and love of chips and salsa.  Nope, she doesn't walk.  Maybe she never will, and I can say that with peace and joy.  Here's a great quote, "Joy is more than happiness.  Joy is the ultimate sensation of well-being.  It comes from being complete with our Creator and his eternal laws." (Elder Dallin H. Oaks)  

We celebrated Maggie's birthday by doing the Walk for Love at Shriner's Hospital.  Then later that night, we gathered at the park with for pizza, pinata, presents, and pony rides.  I think she felt loved, happy, and special.  

After putting the kids to bed last night, Matt and I listened to this talk by Elder James E. Faust given in 1984.  It added to our already full hearts.  Many of the people who read our blog are not Mormon, but if you have a few minutes, don't let that stop you from listening to this man's words.  They are timeless truths that apply to us all.


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