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November Happenings

The highlights for November:

NEW FRIENDS--A group of Utah moms who had the fetal surgery gathered for lunch.  We showed off scars, talked shunts and shared surgery stories over bowls of yummy soup.

I finally got to meet baby Cullen.  His mom, Amanda, also had the fetal surgery at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.  They live in Amarillo, Texas...just a few minutes from my home town.  It's amazing how we instantly share a bond.

VCMG--Davey and Maggie had a test done on their bladders. Maggie's bladder is healthy looking for the most part, but we will continue to cath once a day to make sure she is able to fully empty.  Davey's bladder isn't as sparkly.  We will cath him 4 times a day, and in a couple months he'll start on a medication.  It will allow his bladder to hold the urine instead of constantly leaking.  Super fun!

WEDDING--My little bro, Taylor got married this past week to Kim Brown in the Lubbock Temple.  They are giddy and happily married.  Congrats!


THANKSGIVING--There's no place like home.  I loved returning to my hometown, eating my fav foods, seeing old friends, and being with family.  Everyone in my family was there for Thanksgiving lunch.  The numbers were so large we rented a room at the hotel we were staying at to fit everyone for the feast.

SAYING THANK YOU AT THANKSGIVING--In April, my mom was talking to her coworkers about Maggie and how we were preparing for the fetal surgery.  Her friend and coworker, Patty, shared our story with her church congregation the following Sunday and asked for prayers on our behalf.  Several people from the Sunday School class gave her money to pass along for Maggie's surgery.  We were amazed by the generosity of complete strangers.  In addition to the financial help, and perhaps more poignant, they offered many prayers for us.  So on Sunday, we went to this church and thanked the Sunday School class.  It was a much larger group than I expected.  Although we were surrounded by strangers, Matt and I were overwhelmed with love as we told them "the rest of the story".  You could hear a sweet "oohhhhh" as I explained that Maggie can feel and wiggle each of her toes.  It was a wonderful experience to thank them.  When we finished speaking, they offered another prayer on our behalf and blessed each one of us.  Wow!  As we drove away, I realized I didn't get a picture with Patty, darn!  So later that day we drove by the church and took a picture.  

GROSS--Maggie's reflux is getting better.  Thank goodness!


  1. Love it! I should read all of Maggie's story. I didn't realize you were from Texas. That must have made doing fetal surgery so much easier. We were blessed that the little branch of the church in Camden took us in. I am in close contact with the RS president. I am so happy that Maggie can wiggle her toes. That is amazing. We aren't sure about Ezri's toes, they have never moved, but she has clubbed feet. We didn't get such great results from the fetal surgery. We do now know she got a reversal of the hind brain herniation, but other than that we haven't had any benefit and then the severe prematurity. We are just grateful every day she lived through the fetal surgery. Her life was actually jeopardized because of the surgery. It is only a miracle that she lived. I am so happy when I hear people get good results from fetal surgery.

  2. It is also great you have fetal surgery moms in your area, we don't really have anyone here. One mom but she lives a bit away and my husband met someone at work who found out we had fetal surgery and they were in the MOMS study. I haven't met him. I love the online support because in our area doctors aren't too favorable of fetal surgery, so we drive 3 hours to docs who like it better.

  3. What a perfect idea to go the the Sunday School class and tell them how Maggie is doing. It is so good to stop and recognize and hear how prayers make real things happen!

  4. I love the Gangnam style video. Mark & Dax are so into that. And that last picture is horrifying! I hope Maggie's reflux gets better soon. I love seeing your cute family. Miss you guys from one street away!

  5. Your shirt was amazing. Oh my word. I laughed out loud when I saw it. Thank you for the update. All of your kids are so darn cute. Love you.

  6. Oh Mil, if there was any proof for how Motherhood makes you very accustomed to super gross situations, it would be this picture! But I still love it! High School Millie would have barfed! The hospital stories always remind me of touching your veins and I think, WOW, she must really love her children to let all those strange people touch them... LOL! I love and miss you guys! Tell Taylor CONGRATS for me, please and that my eyelashes are still beautiful. I will never forget that!

  7. Totally in tears over that congregation. And then that last picture popped up and made me laugh out loud!!!!

    Only your posts can do that to me--crying one minute and laughing the next!


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